Lecco, F. Aliberti: “Lepore not confirmed for reasons other than age”

Francesco Alibertivice-president of Lecco, spoke during the program “Il Blu e il Celeste” to talk about the market and the team that will be set up during this summer. His words were echoed by his colleagues at LeccoChannelNews:

“Lepore (who Pisa in B likes)? Great respect for the professional and the person, I don’t want to create controversy but only part of the truth has come out, the anagraphic one. It’s not the only reason that led to the non-confirmation. Frigerio? For now there hasn’t been a request, just like for Crociata and they are Lecco players. Buso? We don’t need to sell. Ionita? I’ll just say ‘let’s see’. There are many possibilities and proposals on the table, in a few days we should make some new arrivals official”.

And again: “The team will be young, but with experienced players. Already today the starting point is a high playoff as explained by director Minadeo together with mister Baldini: we are working on the renewal of Tordini and that of some seniors already in the team. Many would like to come to Lecco, we do not exclude the arrival of big names: for the Coppa Italia we would like to be complete”.