Lazio, Noslin introduces himself: “I thought it was impossible to get this far. Baroni decisive”

“Hi, I’m Tijjani Noslin, I’m from Holland. I’m 25 years old and I’m happy to be a Lazio player.” This is how the interview given by Tijjani Noslinnew Lazio striker, speaking to the microphones of Lazio Style Channel. These are the words of the former Verona striker, who today gave his first interview to the club’s official media: “I thought there were few possibilities of coming to Lazio. I thought it would be really difficult to reach a level like that, but fortunately I’m a Biancoceleste player!”

On the technician: “Reuniting with Baroni is very important to me, it was one of the reasons why I chose this wonderful club. I am happy with his trust and I hope to achieve great successes for this club with him. I have big goals with this shirt, especially at European level. I hope to be able to grow a lot and play for important goals. The last six months have been fast, for me it was like going on a roller coaster, I went to discover a new country and my former teammates and coaches helped me grow. I am happy to have been able to repay their trust with the way I play”.

What was it like being a rider?
“He taught me many things, first of all to be grateful for what you have. I worked hard for little money. For example, if one day I wanted to go out or just relax, I still had to work, no matter the weather. Even as a footballer there are days when you are really tired, but things like this remind me that I don’t want to go back to being a rider. I want to give my best, get up every day and be grateful for doing this wonderful job. When I’m not playing I try to help people with my friends, I like spending time with the people around me, because I love people in general. That’s me. I don’t have a particular idol at the moment, my reference is always God. How can I find my rest? What I mean is to always keep my feet on the ground and be grateful for everything I have, simply continuing this dream that no one expected. I know that everything comes from above and I’m happy for that.”

Your shirt number?
“For now I chose 14 because the other numbers I wanted were taken. Maybe I’ll change it during the season. For now I’m really happy. In Holland I had 77, 14 is the sum of the two sevens. That’s why I thought of this number. These days I had the chance to hear from Wesley Snejder, he was really happy about my transfer to Lazio. Now he’s even closer to me, we’re doing a lot of things together, he helped me become a footballer of this level, together with my agent. I always try to give my best. To the fans I say that I’m really happy to be here. I hope you can support me because I need you to reach the best version of myself and I hope to win many trophies together”.