Juventus, Canzi: “I came here to win. No one will have a full stomach”

Max Canzi spoke at a press conference as the new coach of Juventus Women. TUTTOmercatoWEB.com will report his words live:

His emotions?
“First of all I want to thank the club and the director Braghin for the opportunity and for his words. I know I have a great responsibility in joining this club. I enter on tiptoe and I am very honored to be here. I can’t wait to start on the pitch and finally there are only a few days left. The desire to start is increasing. For two months we have been in touch every day, for two hours, to create the team. Passion has characterized my entire career and arriving here for me is a point of arrival, then it must become a point of departure”.

What prompted you to make this change?
“I have already had an experience in the women’s Serie A, 24 years ago, so I have always been linked to this world. I have always followed the movement. I have also followed the great growth of recent years, thanks to Juventus. I immediately took this opportunity seriously. This is a very strong stimulus and I am convinced that the movement has a lot of room for growth. In the end, human relationships and chemistry are fundamental in choices. To those who asked me why, I replied: why not?”.

Have you already spoken to any senators?
“I really enjoyed it, the next one will be my thirty-ninth season as a coach. Football is constantly evolving, what worked yesterday doesn’t work today and maybe not even tomorrow. Concreteness and pragmatism are adjectives that I like. I don’t like the word senators that much. I spoke with them, they will certainly help me understand Juventus. They are important players who have made the history of the club. They are not senators, but important players who can still have their say”.

Do you have an idea for a module?
“I have always thought that the coach must adapt the game system based on the players he has available. The time spent with them will give me the definitive knowledge regarding what will best fit the game system and technical idea for their characteristics. I certainly have my own idea of ​​the game, which does not necessarily translate into numbers, during my career I have used many game systems, certainly speaking about my idea with the club the idea will be aggressive football. From the physical aspect and the impact of the pace of the game beyond gender differences, I believe that we can and should, as I see it, have intense football. So I would like to increase the intensity in training”.

What was your first impression when you saw the team in Biella?
“I saw the last two games live. I had seen other games before. I had a pretty clear idea. I have always followed women’s football and the pace is different. Just as it is different from the Champions League to Serie C, but it’s normal, you have to adjust your eye. It’s a team with great technical values, which still has a lot of room for improvement. The more we go forward, the more our football will improve. Few come from high-level football schools because they didn’t exist. The margins are wide. I blindly believe that results are achieved through work, chatter and proclamations are carried away by the wind”.

TMW QUESTION: What group do you expect: hungry or fearful?
“I expect to see a group that in a certain sense has lost certainties, used to everyone winning, in the last two years has won less even if it came second and won trophies, it has won less than it was used to, it needs to regain confidence and esteem. I expect to find this. The teams that win are those where individual and team objectives coincide. Players are told to play for the crest in front of you and to be remembered for the name behind you, this must always be remembered, the individual objectives are those of the team and the club. If the collective objectives are not achieved, it is a waste of time”.

About Beccari? Did he talk to Soncin?
“Beccari is a player I also saw in the last championship match and she impressed me. She can be central to our project. She is a versatile player who gave her best as an outside attacker. I have known her for a long time, when she commentated on the youth team, we have always remained in touch. We have spoken in this period, she is a person I respect. I hope she can reach her goal with the national team”.

Will the group have full bellies?
“When you are used to winning, not doing so is annoying. I don’t have this problem. I came to Juventus to win. No one will have a full stomach. We shared everything with the club, starting from the assumption that they will have to understand women’s football well, but every decision was shared. We are in a moment in the history of the team with a generational change, not drastic, there are players who have given a lot from a technical point of view but there are players who are younger who are on the launch pad, some are arriving from outside who have already won, who have international experience. A large squad has certainly been built, this is important, it will allow me to use more players. How much it will take to open a new cycle I don’t know”.

About Biella?
“I came once against Roma. It’s a facility suited to our needs.”

How can we grow at a European level?
“One thing that you notice on television is the difference on a physical level. We will definitely work on this and it is one of the things that made me choose. Then winning helps to win which can lead to improvement”.

On the calendar?
“It’s always a nice moment, because you visualize what you’re working towards. Then we have to meet them all. It’s weird to start again from where we left off last year.”

15:20 – Max Canzi’s press conference now ends