Have you already heard from Maldini about Daniel’s move to Monza? Nesta: “No, Paolo is a dad”

Presentation day at Monza. The new coach is the star of the press conference Alessandro Nestawho among other things dwelt on his first impressions: “I think it means a lot to me, it’s the first time I’ve played in Serie A as a coach, I’ve worked hard to get to this level and I hope to get there prepared. I’ve studied a lot, with my staff. Working with Galliani is a pleasure but also a responsibility, which I feel is double. I’ve seen the sports center and I see the president’s hand, who has left something truly important wherever he has been. Not everyone has the sports center I saw, the stadium is very different from what I remembered”.

Have you already spoken to Maldini to intercede for Daniel’s move to Monza?
“No, we spoke a month ago. We talked about other things, but also about Monza and I asked him something. No, Paolo is a dad: the agents, the presidents, the directors do something else”.

Is there a player who intrigues you more than others?
“No, I studied the squad. There are many talented players, then there is the younger one who gives you more pleasure to coach, but Monza is made up of a group of experts and good young players. I didn’t ask for anything, I know that Galliani will do everything to put Monza in the best conditions. We talked about what we could improve, but we will do it based on what we can”.

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