Flops, champions, disasters. Who before Calafiori and Zirkzee from A to Premier?

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Joshua Zirkzee to Manchester United and Riccardo Calafiori to Arsenal. The transfer of the two Bologna players to the Premier League is now imminent but… Who before them? Which champions, which missed stars, which flops and which broken promises? Everything in today’s Podcast of Tuttomercatoweb.com, with Marco Conterio.

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Here’s how much Calafiori will earn in the Premier League
Richard Calafiori at Arsenal, here we are. There are the last details on the bonuses to be sorted out but the deal is closing. Arsenal will pay 50 million to Bologna and the Emilian club will make a sensational capital gain, remembering that a percentage will still go to Basel.

The details
The Piedmontese newspaper also reports the contractual details of the operation: for the central player, a five-year contract worth 3.5 million per season plus bonuses. Calafiori, who was highly sought after by Juventus in Italy, will see his salary grow exponentially compared to what he earned in the last season in Bologna.