Cosenza, Calò says goodbye: he will go to Cesena. A three-year contract in black and white is ready


Barring any sensational news, the adventure of James Calo to the Cosenza is set to conclude one year earlier than the expiration of the existing contract set for June 30, 2025.

In fact, according to what was collected by the editorial staff of the 1997-born midfielder has accepted the offer from Cesena. Ready for his landing at the court of Michael Mignani a three-year agreement. Tomorrow is the arrival in Romagna.

Calò (27) during his two-year experience in Calabria has made 58 appearances and scored 1 goal. Previously, the footballer born in Trieste wore the shirts of Bridgedera, Juve Stabia, Pordenone And Benevento. For a total of 148 appearances in Serie B.

Below is the post with which Calò celebrated his last, and probably last, season at Cosenza: