Corriere della Sera: “Fonseca introduces himself to Milan: he reveals his ambitions without shyness”

Paulo Fonseca introduced himself to Milan yesterday, revealing his ambitions without shyness, writes the Corriere della Sera. In an atmosphere where euphoria has given way to anticipation for the purchases, Fonseca’s adventure on the Milan bench begins, the Portuguese who intends to replicate Mourinho’s feats: “We come from the same country and share the same goal, to win”. The infinitive of the verb will be repeated several times during the presentation attended by the entire Milan senior staff. The coach, called to lift up the Devil, addresses two fundamental themes.

The first is the game he will give to the team. “Dominant” is the new coach’s favorite adjective. And then the identikit of the number 9: “We need a striker suitable for playing in the last 30 meters”.