Bordeaux announces: “Negotiations with FSG”. It is the same ownership as Liverpool

The owners of the Liverpool negotiate the purchase of the Bordeaux: also the FSG, the company that currently owns the Redswants to take over the French club to expand into the European football market. The transalpine club itself revealed this in a note published on its official website, which talks about a plan to sell the majority stake to Fenway Sports Grouppresented to the National Directorate of Management Control, which oversees the finances of French clubs. The same statement shows that Bordeaux has been relegated to the third French division.

Here is the text of the press release: “FC Girondins de Bordeaux continues negotiations with Fenway Sports Group in view of the DNCG appeal committee. During the hearing on June 27, the DNCG issued a stay of proceedings against FC Girondins de Bordeaux in order to provide all the necessary guarantees for the financing of the 2024-2025 season. For the time being, the state of progress of the case has led the DNCG to pronounce the club’s relegation to the Championnat National 1 (the third French division, ed.). The club is appealing this decision and now has the necessary time to finalize one of the options that will guarantee financing for the next season. Therefore, the project of selling a majority stake in the capital to Fenway Sports Group was presented this morning to the DNCG in the presence of its representatives and we are working closely with them, as part of the continuation of negotiations and due diligence.”