Atalanta, Marino: “The word with the S? Woe betide anyone who contradicts the President who says 40 points”


The general manager of Atalanta, Umberto Marinospoke on the sidelines of this morning’s event organized by the Lombardy Region, which honored last season’s winning clubs. “You never get tired of being celebrated and rewarded, but this must be a starting point, we know where we started from, we know that we always have to give something more. The city was also rewarded with this splendid victory, it then needs to have a return to the field by the team”.

In these places we talk about Italian football, many look to Atalanta as a hotbed of ideas and talents. You have focused on Zaniolo, he will go to play with Scamcca. Two players in the blue orbit, from this point of view you are a bit of Italian pride, do you feel like carrying on this mission?
“The starting point is to never forget the origins, that is, the youth system. Then focus on young players, who can express themselves at their best, like Zaniolo, De Ketelaere, many others who can give their contribution. But we do not forget our history, we are a provincial team, we are so in a proud way. This pushes us even more to give something more on and off the pitch, because we have to compete with big cities and big clubs”.

Can the word that starts with S be said?
“Let’s keep our feet on the ground, then woe betide anyone who contradicts the President who says 40 points.”