Arezzo, Cutulo: “Troise embraces our football ideas. The striker? He will arrive”

TMW Radio

Aniello Cutolo, DS of Arezzo, spoke during “A Tutta C” on TMW Radio to analyse the current situation of the Tuscan club in relation to the transfer market for the Lega Pro season which will start in a few weeks:

Director, let’s start with the technician. What brought you to choose Troiese? Have you also considered other names?
“There have been enough names. We parted ways with mister Indiani after an important two-year period, in which we shared great emotions. Mister Troise is the right person and who marries our line. I shared a two-year period with important results and the mister shares the structural and technical growth that we want to continue”.

Troise has come a long way in recent years.
“The coach has gone through a real training journey. He started with coaches like Pecchia and Benitez. He coached in the youth sector of Bologna and, then, also in Mantova and Cava. He represents the profile we were looking for. There was empathy right from the start”.

As for the squad, the first transfer was Niccolò Gigli
“Yes, it is one of the strengths that adds to an already important department. We will complete the defense in the next few days. Nicolò fits very well with our ambitions and, despite his young age, he is very mature. The fact that he has already worked with our coach is something more”.

The centre-forward issue, however, still needs to be resolved.
“At the moment, as happened with the coach, everything is coming out. We have to think by department, we started from the defense and then we will play the striker. We don’t hide, we know we have to do it and we will do it”.

If I mention Morra’s name, what do you feel like saying?
“We are quite far ahead. We are confident that in the next few hours we will close the deal because there is great openness on our part, on the part of the boy and of Modena”.

What are your goals for the new season?
“We must continue on a path traced and we must consolidate. We have a base of important players that we will reinforce with the right grafts. We want to continue to grow both from a technical and structural point of view”.

Great results have arrived, however, from the youth sector
“The satisfaction is huge. Congratulations to the boys and the coach. We have done something great and also, perhaps, unexpected. We are always trying to put all the bricks in place to build something important. We want to give the boys the chance to get to the first team. In fact, I want to underline the name of Malocu who has done this path”.

In closing, director, a thought on the topic of sports infrastructure, the real weak point of the Italian football system
“In Italy we are behind in this respect. I consider myself lucky, in fact, to work in an ownership that has started this journey. Today we have a structure all our own where the boys feel at home. We are trying to put all the bricks in place to become a great club because the square deserves it”.