Abodi clarifies: “The Mulè amendment has been set aside. We are considering a reformulation”

Andrea AbodiMinister of Sport, declared to the agency To say that “the amendment to the Sports decree signed by the Forza Italia MP, Giorgio Mulè, has been set aside, now we are thinking about a reformulation”. According to what we read on SportFace.itin the new version the passage on “direct appeal before the administrative justice bodies in exclusive jurisdiction” (paragraph 4 of article 16-ter) will be deleted, while the principle of greater weight and autonomy of professional leagues will be reformulated and maintained.

Alexander Ceferinpresident of theUEFAas reported by La Repubblica, warned Abodi: “If the text remains as it is, we will have to exclude Italian teams from European competitions. You risk infringement proceedings.” Abodi promptly replied: “It no longer exists,” as if that text had disappeared. The points that UEFA had asked to change were the external appeal to sports justice and the binding opinion of Serie A on FIGC resolutions.

Now we need to understand how the situation will evolve, with Mauro Berruto, Democratic MP, national sports manager of the Democratic Party, who criticized him: “All our amendments to the sports decree were rejected, with the opposing opinion of Minister Abodi and the vote of the majority. The request for a true democratic electoral system for the federations with the abolition of the medieval mechanism of delegations, with gender and generational balance in the top figures of the federal councils and a limit of three mandates, where Minister Abodi clearly manages to contradict his own words, having expressed himself on the same issues repeatedly, was rejected. The reference to the incredible principle of inconsistency that extends the limit of mandates for federal presidents, but not for the national and regional bodies of the CONI, a rule that simultaneously manages ad and contra personam, was rejected. The repealing amendment of the politically appointed football budget control commission was rejected, with the consequent sensational risk of conflict of interest. The technical amendments on sports work in favor of the solution of critical issues that emerged with pensioners with quota 100 were also rejected, third sector and referees. It is clear that with this government there is no possibility of discussion on any issue, the only thought is for football, all other disciplines are betrayed daily. We take note of this and stubbornly continue in our work, of denunciation and of reporting of everything that we clamorously see happening, every day, in the halls of this Parliament, debased of all its functions”.