Zoff: “Italy can move forward. Getting through the group at the last minute is a good omen”

Blue flag and legend of the 1982 triumph, Dino Zoff gave an interview to the notebooks of Tuttosport to present the match between Italy and Switzerland this evening (6pm) in Berlin in the stadium where the national team won that World Cup on the home side of the Germans. Now, however, the stakes are different, there are the quarter-finals of the European Championships to reach, but to do so they will need to overcome Murat Yakin’s team.

The sensations: “They (Italy, ed.) can go ahead. They did well to get through the group at the last moment. This is a good omen for the desire not to give up and for the destiny that made us qualify with three seconds to go”, said the former Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina goalkeeper. Continuing: “No game is easy. Our part of the table seems easier, but only on paper. Then the pitch will decide whether it is true or not”.

Finally a comment on public factor: “Certainly the public has always been a significant help. When you are abroad, at least at the stadium, you can’t always have everyone on your side. On the contrary… There is always the responsibility of the match and of having to do well for your fans too. Those present at the stadium and those at home watching television”.