Zoff: “Donnarumma is doing very well, his contribution has been remarkable so far”

Interviewed by today’s edition of Allsports, Dino Zoff spoke about the Italian national team and the fact of wearing the blue shirt: “A different feeling. The national team represents a step forward in your work, in your path. It still brings you an important satisfaction. It means moving forward: that is, pursuing a objective in the logic of those who do anything and want to improve”.

What does it feel like to play a competition like a World Cup and a European Championship with 60 million coaches?
“But no, one doesn’t think about it, also because more than 60 million coaches, the technical commissioners are journalists (laughs, ed.). The higher up you go, the more important the matches become. Ditto for events. So you you worry about having to do well. Of course, the more rounds you go through, the more sequentially you are followed.”

In 1982 you were initially criticized by the press and fans. Then you won the World Cup. Didn’t those words and those attacks end up uniting you?
“We could have done it anyway. With the public there is always the responsibility of wanting to do well. Then for those situations in Spain I think the secret was having a coach, Bearzot, very good, as God commands”.

Let’s close with a question on the pitch, from goalkeeper to goalkeeper. Is Donnarumma the most important player in our national team today?
“The goalkeeper is always important, he is doing very well, his contribution has been notable so far.”