…with Michel Morganella –

Calcium on the roofs for photovoltaic systems. “Wait, I have to clock in otherwise it’s a mess.” Thus begins the chat with Michel Morganella, former Palermo and Novara winger, who gives himself to TuttoMercatoWeb.com in view of this afternoon’s match between Italy and Switzerland.

Morganella, what game are you expecting?
“They always ask me who I support because my father is Italian and my mother is Swiss. Well, I’d be happy either way. Switzerland has grown a lot lately, while I see Italy as a bit shy and dull. But in a one-off match, Italy is always Italy. It will be a difficult match for both of us.”

Di Marco or Di Lorenzo, who chooses between the two wingers?
“I like both of them but I prefer Di Marco because he dares and pushes harder.”

Switzerland’s strengths?
“In goal there is Sommer, who is an excellent goalkeeper. Then there is Xhaka who is an experienced player. It will be a game to play, I am rooting for both”.

And she? Is there still room for football?
“I work on roofs, in photovoltaics”.

No ball?
“I decided to put football aside, at least for now. I come from a working-class father, I’m happy with this role. Of course, it’s definitely harder than going on the pitch. But when you finish playing, you come back to reality.”

Will he return to football in the future?
“I am working now. As soon as my wife finishes her training we will see.”

What role do you see yourself in?
“I see myself as an agent. Maybe my children will follow my path in football and I can give them a hand. As an agent you work two or three months and you broaden your knowledge”.

His ex Palermo will try to reach Serie A this year.
“I followed him in the playoffs. It’s a shame about how she ended up.. she had a devastating period in a positive sense and then she gave up. I said that if they were strong as a group they could have made it to the end. Then I watched the matches and said too bad… because they still spent in the January transfer window. But you don’t move up a category just by spending money. You have to create a group and you can’t buy that. When we went up to Serie A against Novara we were an incredible team off the pitch, a compact group.”