Thiago Motta will soon be in Turin: the former Juve players promote his arrival

Juventus continues to move on the market, but at home the preparations are also starting for the retreat that should begin on July 10. The new coach of the old Lady, Thiago Motta could anticipate his arrival by a few days, to begin a more in-depth knowledge of the world of Juve. The coach born in 82 is a person who pays a lot of attention to detail and will want to immediately take command of what will be his new “home” for the next three years.

Matri and Marchisio’s advice to Thiago Motta.
Yesterday in Turin, the charity event took place, organized by Football Moments Padel Tour, whose proceeds will go to the Piedmont Foundation for Cancer Research. Alessandro Matri, guest of this event, spoke about the future of Juventus: “An important coach has been hired, who performed a miracle in Bologna. Players to start again with? I like Bremer for the defense. And I’m curious to see Fagioli, who is a player who has grown a lot, he also had a bit of a problem this year. He is proving to be a player of great value despite what he has been through”. Claudio Marchisio also wanted to send his personal wish to Thiago Motta: “I want to wish Thiago Motta the best of luck and I hope he can bring his ideas to Juve”.

Cabrini “blesses” Calafiori and defends Juve.
Antonio Cabrini, probably the best left back in Juventus history, expressed his opinion on the possible transfer of Calafiori to Juventus: “A player who goes to the national team and reaches certain levels is certainly a player who can aspire to high levels. Any player from the Italian national team can aspire to a top club”. The former Juventus player also wanted to have his say on the exclusion of the players from the Old Lady in the match between Italy and Switzerland: “This does not mean that there are no good players at Juve. Unfortunately there is little quality in the youth sectors and therefore few players are born who can aspire to the national team. Many of the boys from the national team are benched in their clubs”.