Switzerland-Italy. The possible Italian penalty takers: who are the five chosen by Spalletti

The Corriere della Sera takes stock of the possible penalty takers, in view of a possible epilogue in the penalty shootout this evening against Switzerland. Before the match against Spain, when asked who the chosen penalty taker was, Spalletti mentioned six names, from which however Dimarco who was injured should be excluded. They could be the chosen ones, if they are on the pitch when it comes down to it: Scamacca, Retegui, Barella, Pellegrini and Jorginho to which Zaccagni and perhaps Raspadori should be added.

Of the penalty takers in the won European Championship, among the Azzurri who scored, the only one left was Jorginho, who however made a mistake in the final and went haywire twice against Switzerland. The dossier, however, is not very dense, because not all the Azzurri involved are regular penalty takers. Then there is Donnarumma, who in his career in 90 minutes has saved 15 out of 56 penalties, 27% (Sommer stops at 17%) including the last two taken by Modric and Rondon of Venezuela in March.