Spolli: “Beltran needs time. Fiorentina, I would still focus on Terracciano”


The former Argentine defender Nicholas Spollipresent at the Cure Olympics in Forte dei Marmi, spoke about the issues of Fiorentina and in particular of the South Americans present in the Viola team. These are his statements starting from an opinion on the season of the lilies just concluded: “I think the season was positive. It is never easy to reach the final. Then when you get there and lose there is bitterness but the two years were positive in my opinion”.

On fellow countrymen Nico Gonzalez and Martinez Quarta
“I think they are two top players. They play for the reigning world champion national team. Nico in particular is a player who is not easy to find. He is versatile, he has everything, he is complete and in my opinion he can make another leap.”

About Beltran. What position does he have?
“I think he’s a strong player. I saw him at River and when you saw him he got under your skin. It’s not a given that when you arrive in Italy you do well straight away. This is another league, another language and the Italian defences are stronger than the Argentine ones. But beyond that I don’t think he was a flop, he scored goals. Maybe he’s suffering a bit for the price he was paid but I’ve always liked him. In my opinion he’s a complete striker, he can be a first striker, but he can also play behind the striker”.

You met Palladino as a player, what memories do you have of him? How has he evolved as a coach?
“I didn’t think he could have this career. He was ready and immediately showed that he is of a great level. He did well in Monza in these two years and I’m sure he will do well in Florence too. He plays modern, proactive football and I’m convinced he will do great things. As teammates we got along well, but it was easy between the Neapolitan and the Argentine.”

Terracciano, your former teammate at Catania, was a strong point for Fiorentina. Did you expect this performance?
“When I was in Catania he was a boy. I think he proved to be a worthy goalkeeper, he knows how to play well with his feet which is a quality required in today’s football. He has great physicality and personality. I would continue to bet on him because he is also a good boy”.

Would Musso instead be a step forward?
“They can play it easily. Musso has more experience, he is part of the Argentine national team and has played for big teams like Racing, Udinese and Atalanta. They are two important goalkeepers. I believe that it is always better to have two strong players in each position because you It makes training better and increases competition in the locker room.”

Is Retegui really worth that much? A judgement on Gudmundsson?
“Gudmundsson is a complete player. He can play different roles and splits matches, he is a top-level footballer. Retegui is a strong striker. Today it is difficult to talk about price, then I don’t know whether he is worth 30, 35 or 27. But I have no doubts that he is strong. I repeat, coming to play immediately from Argentina, especially for a striker, is never easy but I believe that both he and Beltran must have time.”