Spalletti: “It’s not as scandalous a result as it will appear now, but worse than Croatia”

Maybe it wasn’t time to have more courage in the formations chosen and the men chosen? This is one of the questions asked at the press conference Luciano Spalletti after Italy’s poor performance against Switzerland and the consequent elimination from Euro 2024. Below is our coach’s response: “At the beginning there were some doubts about Calafiori and instead he brought himself. Fagioli is also in this group. Tests have been done. Udogie was injured and he is an important player. Then the youngsters, if they have the potential to put the others in a sitting position, will have the right space

From this experience I have had, having done several tests, I come away with the certainty that I have to change something. It’s not as scandalous a result as it will now turn out to be: my passion is a symptom of profound respect for everyone, I demonstrate passion and I take responsibility. And when they tell me that we played a scandalous match against Croatia, I reply no, today and against Spain we played below par. We had a deservedly difficult session, but now we need to get back into the swing of things.”