“Sommer was very strong, many people thought we were doomed.” See Donnarumma again in the conference


“I know Sommer well, I also often talk to his trainer Spinelli and he has had a truly excellent season. But are you stronger? I don’t know, I don’t like making comparisons. I’m very happy with what Sommer has done so far but I hope tomorrow do much less.” This is how the press conference opened yesterday Gigio Donnarumma towards Switzerland.

The Italian captain then returned to the group carried forward by Spalletti’s team, with the qualification at the last second, and on the potential to be expressed in the continuation of the tournament:

Is Italy on the rise after the match against Spain?
“Of course, it was a difficult group, a group in which many people thought we were doomed, it was the group of death. We played against very strong teams and against Spain we deserved to lose based on what we saw. With the Croatia we did well to stay in the game and this rewarded us, we deserved the equalizer which then brought us here. Tomorrow’s game will be an inside or outside game, completely different, we have to give away as little as possible and control the game We have to be careful, they’re just waiting to get the ball back to start again. But I’m sure the team will be ready.”