Senderos: “I saw Italy well. Calafiori’s disqualification was an advantage for Switzerland”

“We must not set limits and try to make a great journey.” Word of Philippe Senderos. The former Milan defender, interviewed by today’s edition of Allsportsspoke about the Swiss national team, Italy’s opponent this evening: “This group has grown a lot and there are elements that play as starters in the most important clubs in the world. Furthermore, in the last major tournaments we have accumulated important experience to play the matches to the fullest from inside or outside.

Italy? Calafiori impressed me: his disqualification is an advantage for us. He has grown a lot since last year when he played for Basel. Now he takes the field with the confidence of a veteran, despite this being his first appearances for the national team. Bastoni is no longer a surprise: he has been playing at a high level for years with Inter. He has personality and quality. Who would I steal? I choose Barella. He knows how to do everything in midfield and very well too. Tactically he is very intelligent, he knows how to move the ball well. When he is well, Italy moves at a different pace.

I have read many criticisms – concluded Sendersos – but I saw Italy clearly. He played well against Albania and also had a good match against Croatia. If Italy goes through, they can really believe they will get far ahead in the tournament until the final.”