Samuel on Carboni: “Starter? He didn’t come to complete the squad. We’re excited about him”

Walter Samuel will make his debut in this Copa America against Peru on the Argentina bench, due to Lionel’s disqualification Stairs. So it was his turn to present himself at the press conference to speak and a question about the little gem Valentin could not be missing Coals. The playmaker owned byInter He snatched the call-up at the last minute, with a super performance in the friendly against Guatemala before the start of the tournament, and tonight he aims to play from the first minute, given the qualification already obtained byAlbiceleste.

Here are the words of The Wall about him and his competitor for the role, Garnacho: “We have a lot of expectations for them. Will they play against Peru? We haven’t decided on the lineup yet, we’ll see in the final hours but we’re very excited about both of them. They didn’t just come to complete the squad but they’re playing their cards in the best possible way.”