Politano, cryptic Instagram Story at the final whistle of Switzerland-Italy: controversy with Spalletti?

A cryptic Instagram Story, with just one emoji: a little man with his arms outstretched, as if to say ‘But what can I do?’ and the continuation could be ‘What if he didn’t summon me?’. Matteo Politano on social media, immediately after the final whistle of Switzerland Italy, he published a black image and the aforementioned smiley. Everything suggests that it is a controversy with Luciano Spalletti.

The Napoli attacking winger, in fact, was in the running for a call-up for Euro 2024. He seemed to be in a ballot with Riccardo Orsolini, but in the end the coach decided to exclude both of them and not to call up other left-footed wingers good at playing with an inverted foot. Now comes this post, which sounds a lot like a message to the CT.