“Penalties? I wouldn’t want to challenge Jorginho.” See Sommer again in the conference before Italy


The goalkeeper of Inter and Switzerland Yann Sommer he was the protagonist of the press conference on the eve of the match against Italy. This is his thoughts on the possibility of penalty kicks:

Would you like to challenge Jorginho again from eleven meters after the mistakes in the last World Cup qualifiers?
“No, I don’t want to meet him from the penalty spot tomorrow. Those mistakes were two very important situations for us to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, but they are two past situations and tomorrow will be a different story. I’m not here to think about these two penalties that you mention.”

How are you preparing for penalties?
“For me it’s important to prepare for the match, not so much for the penalty lottery. Before the match I don’t study all the individual penalty takers, I concentrate on the match and on those who could be the penalty takers during the 90 minutes, not those of the penalty lottery. In that case, there’s the coach who will help me at that specific moment”.