Paqueta makes a mistake, for the second penalty the fans call on Vinicius: a leader’s reaction from Vini

A gesture from a leader after a match where he was the absolute protagonist, the one that saw the Brazilian striker as the protagonist Vinicius in the Italian night. The team of Dorival Junior in fact it won 4 to 1 against the Paraguay and the Blancos phenomenon scored a brace, delivering several top-class plays.

On the score of 3 to 1 for the green and gold the episode was “indicted”. Paquetà he has already missed a penalty previously (in the 31st minute), but he has enough courage to show up on the spot again to try to close the game. The Brazilian fans, however, are not having it and from the curve they rain down whistles and disapproval, invoking precisely Vinicius. From the videos circulating, however, we can clearly see the disappointment shown by Vini, who signals them to stop and leave his teammate alone before the serve. No sooner said than done: Paquetà scores and Brazil flies to the quarter-finals.