Palermo, review Dionisi’s words: “One step backwards to take three forwards”


“I’m very happy to have accepted, there’s the push from the whole City Football Group and I can already feel the passion and I can’t wait to get started. Let’s get the ball rolling.” The Palermo coach Alessio Dionisi he begins his pre-match press conference by explaining the reasons that led him to choose Palermo, moving down a division after his experience with Sassuolo in Serie A:

Mine may seem like a step backwards, but for me it means wanting to take three steps forward, we will work every day to improve a team that has an excellent base and the push from the team is very important, I feel it as a stimulus not as a burden, otherwise I wouldn’t have accepted and perhaps they also perceived it and that’s why they let me contacted. To outside eyes it may seem like a step backwards, but I come from Serie D, not Serie A.

Obviously I had three important years in Serie A… a step back? For many, yes, for me it means doing three up front and this group can do four or five up front. We must accept who we are today to improve ourselves tomorrow knowing that there will be difficulties, knowing that there will be difficulties as in every sport and as in life. I’m here and I can’t wait to get started.