Milan bewitched by Fofana, at 20 million it’s a bargain: the countdown for the assault begins

Between the return of the flame for Chukwuemeka and the frantic search for a center forward who takes up Giroud’s legacy, Milan’s market focus always remains Youssouf Fofana. According to today’s edition of the Corriere dello Sportthe Monaco midfielder born in ’99 is Moncada’s real objective: the AC Milan manager is in constant contact with the representatives of the Frenchman, currently busy at the European Championships in Germany.

But the rossoneri’s plan is to wait for the end of Euro 2024 to launch the decisive offensive. The cost of Fofana, we read in the Roman newspaper, reaches 20 million euros and in fact it is a market opportunity to be seized immediately, considering the still unexpressed potential of the 25-year-old player originally from Paris. There competition there is, of course, especially from the English powers that have important reserves at their disposal. Step by step in the past few weeks, Milan seems to be on the right track to close the deal positively.