Marocchi: “With Fagioli Italy is more vertical. It must introduce 20% improvisation”

Giancarlo Marocchi spoke from the studios of Sky Sports in view of Italy’s match against Switzerland: “Italy loses one of its best players for the attacking phase, namely Dimarco. The faces of the starting players, however, seem excited to me, they want to give joy even to those who are not playing.

Would you have chosen Retegui or rather Scamacca in attack?
“If you have a doubt, it becomes simple to choose: go with the one who scored the most goals this year. And therefore Scamacca. If I were Fagioli and Cristante I would do 80% of what I tried, then 20% of mine. Just like Calafiori did it in the match against Croatia, who used something very courageous of his own to find the goal.”

How do you explain Jorginho’s exclusion for Fagioli?
“If the coach leaves Jorginho out there will be reasons. Today we don’t have to manage the game, today we have to go deep. This will have been the message and the players will have received it.”