Lilian Thuram on Marcus’ words: “I didn’t speak to him, it’s the result of education”

Lilian Thuramformer defender of Parma and Juventus, who won the World Cup with France in ’98, spoke to the microphones of France Interreiterating his commitment against the far right and approving the position taken by his son Marcus against Jordan Bardella’s Rassemblement National in view of the legislative elections scheduled for Sunday with the first round: “Unfortunately we have denied for years the racism of the National Front , which is a party in which there is extremely deep anti-Muslim hatred. These people who have this violence within them express it freely today, and it is extremely dangerous. So imagine that tomorrow, when they are in power, we will really have to take things very seriously.”

What are your thoughts on the words said by your son Marcus?
“I haven’t talked about it with him, but it’s the result of education. I’ve always tried to educate my two boys that we have to take care of others, respect others. It’s very important. We must not be indifferent. Today there are extremely homophobic speeches; unfortunately, we live in a society where sometimes we are indifferent to others. I’ve always told my children that we do not collaborate with hatred, at any cost. I’ve always educated my children by telling them a phrase by Albert Einstein that said: ‘The world is bad, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who let it happen and who watch.’ The idea is not to remain silent, not to act as if we don’t know.”