Leandro Paredes, a flop at Juventus but not at Roma. World Champion in 2022

“Paredes and Di Maria want to play another year together.” This was the phrase, in 2022, that gathered the intention of the two Argentines of Paris Saint Germain to spend a year far from Paris, but in the same club. An indiscretion that we had reported at the time. How did it go? Definitely bad, for both. Di Maria remained only twelve months, before returning to Benfica: beautiful, elegant to look at, but not as decisive as seen with Argentina, between the Copa America, the Finalissima and the World Cup. A sort of year sacrificed towards Qatar.

It went like this for Paredes toowho in black and white did not do well at all. Lots of criticism, few minutes played, almost the feeling that he was no longer at the level seen with PSG and Roma, but also with the albiceleste itself. Only one goal in the championship, against Lecce, at the end of the season. Really a bit too little.

He then returned to Roma after years – they had bought him at the time, sending him to Chievo Verona, and then waiting for him to explode, this season he has certainly been more “central”, even if not yet in the best moment of his experience and career. He still has a year of contract and age would be on his side, considering that he was also called up to the Copa America. Today Leandro Paredes turns 30.