Lazio doesn’t give up on Greenwood, he takes his time: the point on the negotiation, OM is also there

Mason Greenwood continues to be highly sought after by Lazio. However, the Manchester United striker was also targeted by Marseille by De Zerbi with the class of 2001 who is reflecting on his future. She took some time to try to better define the situation and thus be able to make the best possible decision for his future.

As reported by LaLazioSiamoNoi.itthe Biancocelesti have no intention of letting him go, despite the high price tag of his contract, around 30 million euros. The Red Devils do not want to make any discounts after an excellent season for the winger at Getafe and Lotito has a clear strategy to secure him: the only way is to hope that he does not settle elsewhere and attempt an assault in the second part of the market, when some sales have also been completed. Those who could be sacrificed are Valentin Castellanos, who Girona likes, and Gustav Isaksen.

Lazio would not want to deprive themselves of either of them and for this reason they have put the negotiation on hold, based on a onerous loan of five million euros, payable in one or two years, with an obligation to buy and with the possible inclusion of a percentage close to 50% on future resale.