Italy, Spalletti: “Yakin is very good and Switzerland showed their strength against Germany”

During yesterday’s press conference on the eve of Switzerland-Italy, the Italian coach Luciano Spalletti He talked about his idea regarding Yakin’s national team.

What do you think of Switzerland and its footballers?
“Yakin is very good, Switzerland is a team that is good on the pitch and showed its qualities against Germany. From what we have seen and from direct knowledge, we know that it has quality and strength. an important player on an international level. But these are all things that are part of the level and football that we can show.”

Could these precedents between Switzerland and Italy that led to the elimination of your national team from the World Cup be a reason for revenge for you?
“We take all the ideas that can determine a bit of reaction, a bit of stimulation. Then the stadium, the memory of that final and Buffon who tells us two thousand things. We are keen to determine everything as best as possible for the our people, for our fans. It is clear that we need to see in the real match whether all these things are understood or not. We are there on purpose, we listen to as many things as possible from our players and try to give them as much stimulation it’s possible because by adding things day after day it can click when you least expect it. Tomorrow’s race will be the next step, we’ll see if this will be the moment to gather all this seriousness and all this commitment that we have made available.”