Italy, Spalletti: “Scamacca is cooler than Retegui, Fagioli can take over the team”

The words of Luciano Spalletti, technical commissioner of Italy, on RAI before the match valid for the round of 16 against Yakin’s Switzerland. “I resolved the doubt in the direction of Scamacca because he is fresher, Retegui finished with great difficulty on him and would have been in a position to play too but Scamacca starts but we’ll see if Retegui finishes with Scamacca or Retegui alone”.

Then a passage on Fagioli’s ownership. “Few recommendations but only to play calmly, he has the quality and can take over a team like the Italian national team. He trained well, with this temperature it was the right thing to do. We will evaluate him during the match.”