Italy, Donnarumma: “This is not who we are. Conceding the second goal like this is unacceptable”

Gianluigi Donnarummagoalkeeper for Italy and PSG, speaks thus to Sky Sports after today’s defeat against Switzerland which cost them elimination from the 2024 European Championships: “Are we really this? For me no. It’s also difficult to talk. There is a need to make a mea culpa, take responsibility and apologize. We never got into the game, we have to accept it reluctantly and give credit to them who played a great game. But we should have done much better. Playing European cups and competitions will help many of us, many kids, to manage these matches better and have a higher pace. When you play these types of games the training camp is different, but we have many strong young players who can grow and improve. We must all move forward together and we will.”

Are you forced to start from the bottom even on days like today when you couldn’t come out?
“When you kick two or three balls and see them catch it, in my opinion if you can get out from the bottom it’s better, you struggle less. If they recover the ball then there’s a huge hole and we have to do this better. You need the strength to manage the balls better and to put them down cleanly. They held onto the ball better and that killed us, we didn’t have time to think, we weren’t aggressive and when it’s like that you risk going under. We all have to take responsibility, we know that each of us could have done better and now we have to move forward.”

What was missing today?
“The desire to react, to help each other. When we came back in the second half we immediately conceded the second goal and this is unacceptable.”