Italy, Cristante: “Not much to save, deservedly home. Let’s clean our heads and start again”

Bryan Cristantemidfielder for Italy and Roma, speaks like this to Sky Sports after the knockout against Switzerland which earned them elimination in the round of 16 at Euro 2024: “There’s little to save, they put us down physically and organisationally. It’s too early to draw conclusions, let’s go home deservedly. Now we need to clean our heads and start again next year with a different attitude and energy.”

You looked like you were on edge.
“Yes, when you see that there is so much difference in organization and play, the energy also disappears. There is little to save as I said, we deservedly go home.”

Why were you so amorphous on the pitch?
“The desire was different, then when you can’t do things against a team that is so much better you try but you can’t, that’s the explanation. We have to clear our heads and start again”.

Was something wrong in terms of athletic training?
“I don’t know, it’s too early to give a reason or a why. It’s early to give explanations when there’s so much difference on the pitch. Now let’s clear our heads and start again with energy and different ideas.”