Gundogan: “More whites in the national team? We represent Germany well. Someone is creating division”

In addition to Italy, which will attract the attention of football fans in the Bel Paese starting from 6.00pm, kick-off time against Switzerland, this evening it will also be the turn of Germany, who will face Denmark at 9.00pm.

The captain of the Germans Gundogan was interviewed by The Athleticand he praised some moral characteristics of the team Nagelsmann: “The resilience we showed in the last match against Switzerland (Germany came back to equalise 1-1 in injury time) is part of our growth process: not giving up, despite the difficulties. In a tournament like this you need to progress.”

Gundogan he then underlines how this team is under construction: “The more we play, the better we do. After all, this team has been put together in recent months. It’s not like we’ve been playing with this team for years. We’ve made great strides in such a short time. The coaching staff handled the situation very well when they started this journey last year. They made smart decisions that paid off.”

A comment then on the disconcerting survey carried out by the German state broadcaster ARD, which asked whether the national team should have more white players, with 21% of the 1,304 people interviewed answering yes. Kimmich called the poll “downright racist.” Gundogan takes a deep breath before giving his answer, with a wry smile on his face: “The results of that survey didn’t surprise me that much. It’s not something that’s unique to Germany. We have this kind of trend all over the world. world right now. To be honest it didn’t create any additional pressure for me. But the moment right before the start of the tournament gave me the feeling that someone, somewhere was trying to create some divisions in this team for Euro 2024 represents Germany very well, in my opinion they are players with immigration in their background.”