Gudmundsson to Inter, the Nerazzurri ask for a “trial” clause. And Genoa accepts

L’Inter he doesn’t want to stop at the best moment. Having struck a deal for Josep Martinez, the Nerazzurri club intends to try to get another big man like Genoa Albert Gudmundsson. The dialogues between the clubs are progressing, the negotiations at the moment seem to have stalled on the requests of the Griffinwhich does not differ from the request of 30-35 million euros.

The winning formula. Unlike the Nerazzurri who, with the player’s approval for the transfer, would like to convince the Rossoblù to loan with obligation to redeem once the market is closed. A deal that would follow in the footsteps of last summer’s deal for Davide Frattesi, when Beppe Marotta beat the competition and the midfielder landed on loan from Sassuolo to Inter and was paid in full by the Milanese club only last February 2.

There Gudmundsson’s will is of vital importance. Wait for the Nerazzurri management to find a favorable economic agreement with Genoa, given the limited reserves available for the market. Should an auction ever break out with the Premier League clubs, Inter would immediately be put out of the running, which is why the Icelander’s position of favoritism towards the Nerazzurri would play a decisive role.

But be careful, because on the one hand the Milanese should make some sales, furthermore – according to La Gazzetta dello Sport – a clause could be included in Gudmundsson’s contract “trial” clause. In the event that the 27-year-old player is found guilty of sexual assault in the appeal trial that awaits him in the autumn in Iceland. And in this regard, Genoa has already made it known that it is available to accept the Nerazzurri’s condition.