Genoa, Blazquez: “Martinez almost Inter’s. We’ll keep Retegui unless there are huge offers”

In a long interview given to Football and Financethe CEO of Genoa Andres Blazquez spoke about the rossoblù market: “Martinez is now almost an Inter player, then there are other players that we will sell this summer, but mostly not the starters. We aim to have a positive impact of 10-12 million by managing to invest, as we did with Vitinha, also in anticipation of some exits.

The investigation into Gudmundsson has not affected the clubs’ interest in him. It is not a simple process even if the player has always said he is convinced of his innocence and we believe him. I say that his situation has not been affected because the transfer market for strikers has not yet started. For the rest, we are looking for a right back, with Spence who we want to keep but it depends on Tottenham. Then we will do something in midfield, but not much since the defense is sorted.

For Retegui the idea is to keep him away from pharaonic offers. Obviously if there is an exit we will do something about the entry. The goal is to also grow in the standings and we want the team to be even better than last year. You see”, he continues, “if I wanted to settle the accounts immediately I would sell the best ones and the balance sheet would benefit immediately, but for what future? As I explained to you, all our initiatives are aimed at increasing recurring revenue precisely so as not to finance ourselves on the market through sales”.