England disappoint? Rooney: “It’s Guardiola’s fault! No more crosses coming”

England’s start to Euro 2024 has not been convincing at all. First place in the group and the round of 16 achieved as predicted are not enough, because the performances of the British team have been somewhat below expectations up to this point, despite Kane and his teammates being indicated by everyone as among the absolute favorites of the event.

From former international Wayne Rooney Now comes a different reading: in the end, none other than Pep is brought into play Guardiolaas guilty. In fact, the former United player, who now works as a commentator for the BBC, offered a different interpretation during a broadcast: “What we are seeing here, not only with Belgium, but with many other teams, for example England and Holland, is that everyone just wants to play. Even with a player like Doku, who plays as a winger, the crosses no longer arrive in the penalty area”. And with a smile he added: “The game is much more positional. Everyone is trying to score the perfect goal. I think it’s Pep’s fault. He brought this thought”.