Como, Fabregas: “I identify with Wenger and Guardiola, for group management I would say Mourinho”

AND Cesc Fabregas mania. Having hung up his boots and resigned his footballing garb, the former Arsenal and Chelsea player has chosen to undertake a journey in stages to become a coach, starting from the summer of 2023 where he will start as coach of the Under 19 team How. Arriving on the bench of the first team of the Larians who last year outdid themselves by achieving promotion to Serie A. A very satisfying achievement for the 37-year-old Spaniard who, in an interview with the newspaper AS he talked a little about himself, his game ideas and ambitions for the future.

Fabregas’ reference models
“Tactically Guardiola. Group management? I speak from what I know and what I have experienced with those I have had. Here I would say Mourinho and Wenger. Transferring the message to the players? Luis Aragones. Game philosophy? There I identify with Wenger and Guardiola. Reading the game and making decisions on the fly? Vicente Del Bosque. He had a great eye for analyzing games and modifying their progress with his changes if things weren’t going well.”

Real Madrid’s evocative bench
“I listened and analysed the offers as a player and I will do the same as a coach, obviously. You never know which path life will take you. At the time I had contact with Real Madrid. They made me some offers and I spoke to the club I had to talk to. Out of respect I always listen and analyse. I also never imagined that I would go to Chelsea after eight years at Arsenal, but I chatted with Mourinho and I liked what he told me, how he spoke to me and how he made me participate in the competitive project he was building. I listened to him and he convinced me. In life there are moments, but respect is mandatory”.