Cittadella, Marchetti welcomes Desogus: “I already wanted him last year, flexible player”

Stephen Marchettigeneral manager of Cittadella, interviewed by The Gazettespoke thus about the club’s latest transfer market hit, the attacking winger Jacopo Desogus arriving from Cagliari:

“Desogus is a player I wanted to sign last year, then he got injured and the deal didn’t work out but I’ve been following him for a long time. On an offensive level he can play multiple roles: he can be a second striker and also a mezzala. The first strikers are others in our squad: Maistrello, Magrassi, Pittarello, then there are the movement forwards who can be trequartistas and second strikers, like Desogus.

I worked hard on it, they are not easy operations to bring to fruition: I started last year, the transfer didn’t materialize, I picked up the thread now and everything went well. Young people I like are arriving, they can be the present but also the future of Cittadella”.