Bordon: “Switzerland is a valuable team, Italy must not underestimate them”

The former goalkeeper of the Italian national team Ivano Bordoncontacted by colleagues from Linterista.ithe focused on the match that the Azzurri will play tonight against Switzerland: “I have the feeling that it will be a difficult match, because Switzerland is a valuable team and should not be underestimated”.

What do you expect from Spalletti’s team?
“That changes register a bit, above all, in the way of interpreting the match. Because it must be said that in the end against Croatia we resolved it at the last minute and it also went a bit by chance. It was a positive sign in view of today’s match, which will have to be faced in the right way”.

Luckily for the scoreboard too, with so many big teams ending up on the opposite side?
“I think this European Championship has shown itself to be full of surprises and that the calculations and discussions on the scoreboard are pointless. The scoreboard should not be looked at otherwise you risk unpleasant surprises.”

Do you expect something more from Barella today, now the leader of this group?
“Barella is an important player for this team, a leader of the group and for his teammates. Also for how he manages to involve all his teammates in his way of interpreting the games. It wouldn’t be bad if he were having a good day today.”

Does the same apply to Bastoni behind?
“Bastoni has shown how much he is worth both in the defensive phase and in forward projection. Both in free kicks or insertions, where he makes himself dangerous with his head, and with the ball and chain when he helps the maneuver. I hope and expect him to play a game today of level”.