Bolzoni: “”My” Switzerland is the biggest obstacle for the final. For them it’s a revenge”

The former midfielder of InterSiena and Palermo, Francesco Bolzonithis year’s second coach atFC Paradiso in Switzerland alongside Giuseppe Sannino, he spoke to Sportitalia of the challenge that Italy is about to face against the Swiss.

What Italy do you expect?
“I expect a combative Italy. And above all motivated: that goal by Zaccagni in the last minute of injury time against Croatia can only have left its mark”.

What should we fear about Switzerland?
“It’s a team made up of physically and technically strong players. In my opinion we must fear the fact that for them it also and above all represents a great revenge compared to the last European Championship”.

Do you expect it to become the Chiesa and Scamacca match?
“Yes, I hope they make the difference today. Because up front they are the only ones who can give something more than the others, given the qualities they have.”

We’re talking about luck on the scoreboard. Where can Italy go?
“In my opinion this is the biggest obstacle, then once the round of 16 is over it’s a lottery, you can get to the final without even realizing it.”