Atalanta, Magnocavallo: “Godfrey doesn’t seem right to me to be a starter with Gasperini”

TMW Radio

George Magnocavalloformer Atalanta player among others, spoke to TMW Radio during the ‘Piazza Affari’ of the Goddess’ market starting from the arrival of defender Ben Godfrey:

Which of the big names are irreplaceable?
“As far as I’m concerned Koopmeiners is the least replaceable player. He can play midfielder, midfielder and knows how to fit in, he is irreplaceable. Ederson and Lookman also then multiplied their value.”

Can the level be improved on the outside?
“For the market now Godfrey is arriving, but he didn’t have a great season. His characteristics do not seem to me to be the right player to start in defence. However, he can play winger, center back and can also play midfield; in this sense he is an extra pawn rather than a starter. For the wingers, on the left there is Ruggeri, while on the other side Zappacosta and Hateboer are no longer the players they were a few years ago. Maybe we should look for a younger winger on that side.”

Does Zaniolo surprise you in terms of interest?
“As far as I’m concerned, I would buy him, because he’s very good technically and I always want players like that in my team. Maybe his head could also settle down with Gasperini. In any case, I like players who beat the man, and he’s always able to create numerical superiority when he’s in good shape”.

For the speech brings what can happen?
“I don’t know if Musso can suffer from the bench, but with so many games Gasperini could give space to both him and Carnesecchi”.