Adani: “Disastrous match. Spalletti talks about pace, but the others also played a lot”

The former footballer and commentator Daniel Adani he commented to the microphones of Rai Sport Italy’s elimination from Euro 2024: “Disastrous match, one of the worst in Italy’s recent history. This match made us hit rock bottom at the start of a new project. If we talk about pace, the assumption of responsibility I believe it is the basis of the search for the reasons why we are going slowly. All the players and teams in Europe have played exhausting championships, and they all play at 30 degrees. This performance is too low and the others too. Let’s remember with Albania. the only match we won, we fell in the second half.

All our players, apart from Donnarumma and Calafiori, did not perform. They didn’t do it in the collective, as well as in individual performances. It’s all to be taken back ten months. We started a journey with Spalletti, but for now this journey has led us to a very poor European Championship.”