Adani: “A complicated match awaits us against Switzerland. Scamacca and Chiesa must make the leap”

Switzerland-Italy, everything is still to be decided. This evening, at 6pm, the round of 16 of the Champions League will be staged at the Olympiastadion in Berlin Europeans between Luciano Spalletti’s Azzurri and Murat Yakin’s Swiss, but to have a clear picture of what kind of match it will be, The 19th Century he relied on the wisdom of the Rai commentator Lele Adani: “A complicated match awaits us. And for a specific reason. They are the typical team that knows how to strike if attacked: the Swiss are like that, also built to wait and take your measure.”

A name, or rather two, on which Italy must bet for the former Inter and Fiorentina defender: “The leap must be a group one, but I have two names. Scamacca and Chiesa: they are the ones who can mark our path. Scamacca won in Europe as a protagonist, Chiesa won the last European Championship its highest point, why not do it again.”