“4-man defense and Fagioli as starter”. Review Spalletti’s words a few hours before Switzerland-Italy


To the microphones of Sky Sportsthe coach Luciano Spalletti spoke in depth about this afternoon’s match against Switzerland. Below are the thoughts of the former Napoli coach.

Did Zaccagni’s goal make people click?
“He came because something had already happened… We were in the game until the last second. After that game, seeing them again in that human Shanghai is something that stays with you. I’m convinced I can see beautiful things again tomorrow.”

How are Dimarco and Bastoni?
“Bastoni needs to be evaluated. He trained a bit today and that’s already given us a sigh of relief. Dimarco is not recoverable, he’s out. The team will play with something that resembles a 4-man defense, we’ll have to be more offensive than what we saw.”

Can Fagioli be a starter?
“You have to give the young people who push the game the space they deserve. He shows this through his naturalness in playing his role, you just need to have the courage to give him the space he deserves.”

Pros and cons of Switzerland?
“Switzerland has a very united team, even if you start again it’s difficult to find them wide between the departments. They have the modernity to stay close to the defensive line, they don’t defend the goal, they always read the goal, the ball that we are managing. Sometimes there is the possibility of going behind the line, because they will always be high. If you are not ready for their aggression it becomes difficult to think. We have to improve, I didn’t like the first minutes of the second half because we did something below our capabilities. We will need the balance of the second half against Croatia, we were high with an offensive team and we suffered almost nothing until the last second we were with our heads, with mental strength and physical energy, convinced that we could do it a miracle wanted. For me the draw is a correct thing for that match, then it’s clear that if you reach it in the last 3 seconds you’re lucky, but that was the search and we were rewarded. Those 2-3 who were taken as an example for having done their duty are not happy with this, with being separated from the team, because they want to share everything.”