Zenit appears on Ilic with a monstrous offer. Torino has already given the green light

On Ivan Ilyicha 23-year-old Serbian playmaker bought by Torino in January 2023 for 16 million, who until Tuesday was a protagonist at the European Championships in Serbia, has landed Zenith of St. Petersburga very rich company controlled by Gazprom, a gas giant. Through intermediaries – Tuttosport underlines – Zenit has initiated contacts with Torino and with the midfielder’s entourage, with great concreteness, immediately putting on the table the beauty of 25 million euros. And there is already talk of a super contract for the playmaker: at least 3 million net per season.

Given the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, how do the sanctions established by the European Commission and the ban on formalizing trade agreements between Western Europe and people or companies in any way linked to Putin work? The answer – continues Tuttosport – is even simple, as far as football regulations are concerned: for FIFA, the transfer of a player to Russia or from Russia is legal. And since the conflict began there have been no government sanctions imposed on clubs.

Now that Ilic has left the European Championship, Zenit has made immediate concrete moves with Torino (immediately obtaining the green light, given the 25 million put on the table). Now the Russians will try to convince the point guard to say yes: raises are also possible, in terms of the size of the salary.