Zangrillo: “Gudmundsson and Retegui? We are not selling off, we are not a boutique for others”


The president of Genoa, Alberto Zangrillospoke on the sidelines of the League Assembly held today in Milan, also dwelling on some market issues related to the club: “The idea is to keep our feet firmly on the ground like last year, to take it step by step and continue with this great group, giving Gilardino the chance to do a good job”.

Is there the will and the possibility to retain Gudmundsson and Retegui?
“3-4 colleagues just asked me and I told them that I don’t have this role in Genoa, I put them in contact with our sporting director. It seems to me that our CEO said that we are considering the possibility of an exchange, but not of selling off our little jewels”.

Can we say that on the Martinez front everything is done with Inter? “I read this, but the transfer market hasn’t started yet, so I read it as a preview. I would be very sad because he is an extraordinary boy, who started almost by chance in Serie B, had an extraordinary championship in Serie A, is a rare commodity as a goalkeeper and also skilled with our feet. We will do our best to act consistently and not be anyone’s boutique.”

Zanoli? “It seems that we have been trying to get close to him for a couple of years. There are alternatives, on the right we have a player who has performed very well this year, Sabelli, then there is Spence who is not being sold off by the English, who has great prospects, physicality and running and who must confirm himself in Serie A, which is not easy. Zanoli has done all the apprenticeship. The only thing is that he has been relegated in the last two seasons, we should consider him (laughs, ed.)”.

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