Vis Pesaro, the ds Menga: “The second teams in C are an added value”

TMW Radio

Speaking at the microphones of TMW Radio during the transmission All C, Michael Mengasporting director of Vis Pesaro, among the many topics touched upon, also spoke about the second teams in Serie C.

What is your opinion on the second teams?
“Certainly as far as Serie C is concerned it is an added value, it allows you to play against famous clubs that have made important championships with interesting young players. For those of us who work on a youth project, playing with these realities allows you to grow. It is right to carry forward such an important project for the Serie A clubs.”

How does the work of a sports director change with the second teams in C?
“As far as I’m concerned I rely a lot on the inter-regional, I believe that a talent like Camarda is unattainable for our category. For me it doesn’t change anything, in fact it stimulates me even more to find what we can consider second choices because the talent in Italy is there, but it must be found. Look at Gatti’s example, he started from the interregional team and is now in the national team.”

How was it to challenge the Juventus boys?
“Challenging Juventus is the right thing, the most difficult challenges are those in which you face players with an above-average technique and an important light-heartedness. They are young and have less pressure than 30-35 year old players, they have that lightness that allows them to always play incredible matches and then they are players who make the difference. In my opinion it must give us, the club and the coaches a boost in facing Juventus, it’s a second team but it’s still Juventus. In the first leg Hujisen was there, two days after playing with us he went to play for Roma in Serie A, this is a great stimulus for everyone.”

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