Sommer: “I don’t want to challenge Jorginho from eleven meters. Italy is the favorite team”

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7.35pm – With Murat Yakin, there will also be the Inter goalkeeper Yann Summer to present the challenge between Swiss And Italyfirst of the round of 16 of Euro 2024. The goalkeeper born in 1988 will speak from the press room at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

Would you like to challenge Jorginho from eleven meters again after the mistakes in the last World Cup qualifiers?
“No, I don’t want to meet him from the spot tomorrow. Those errors were two very important situations for us to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, but they are two situations in the past and tomorrow will be another story. I’m not here thinking about these two penalties that you mention” .

How are you preparing for penalties?
“For me it’s important to prepare for the match, not so much the penalty lottery. Before the match I don’t study all the individual penalty takers, I focus on the match and on those who could be the penalty takers during the 90 minutes, not those in the lottery of penalties. In that case, there is the trainer who will help me in that specific moment.”

How does Switzerland reach this round of 16 final?
“The atmosphere in the team is really excellent, we all have success in mind. I’m really happy to challenge Italy, it’s a very important match and I can’t wait to play in this beautiful stadium.”

How do your special glasses work during workouts? Is Retegui or Scamacca better?
“We have prepared for all the Italian strikers, I know them both and they are high-quality players, very good at finishing. We will have to be ready to face them. These are glasses that I have been wearing in training for years, they help me give 2-3% more. They are highly technological glasses that have helped me grow”.

Will you have to save even more tomorrow than you already did during the group?
“We’ll see, it’s always nice to defend with an unbreakable spirit. So far we’ve played with great courage and tomorrow there will be an Italy team that has great offensive quality, that plays with vertical cuts and is poisonous in its conclusions. A great defensive performance will be needed” .

Is it an advantage for you to play in Serie A?
“It’s useful to know your opponents, but I don’t know if it will be an advantage tomorrow. The Italian players are well-known, they have a very large and quality squad. I’ve faced several of these players in the league, I know them but that won’t decide the match.”

What do you think of Donnarumma?
“He’s a really strong goalkeeper, I’ve already faced him in the past. He’s very young but has a lot of experience, he started playing at a very young age and he’s a goalkeeper I like to watch. The goalkeeping coach at Inter has coached in the past Donnarumma at PSG (Spinelli, ed.) and as a goalkeeper it is always a pleasure to observe colleagues with these qualities.”

Will Switzerland be favorites tomorrow?
“No, I wouldn’t say so. We’re playing against the reigning champions, Italy has won the world championship several times and Italy is still the favourite. We’ll be ready, very ready.”

Do you feel particularly keen to make progress as one of the historic Swiss group? Have you spoken to your Inter teammates? What do you think about the fact that Inter have bought another goalkeeper?
“With this team we have already qualified for the round of 16 in various tournaments and tomorrow the goal is to get through. The details and the incidents will count, it will also depend on the form, on the direction in which the incidents go. We can have an impact on all of this and the goal is to qualify. During the tournament I spoke several times with the teammates I play with at Inter, now the contacts have become a bit more distant but we speak often, not only with the Italians but also with the foreigners. I will be happy to challenge them tomorrow. The three goalkeepers will change at Inter, Audero will not stay at Inter: we will see what happens, now I am focused on the European Championship and my head will return to Inter once the European Championship is over”.

20.28 – Press conference concluded.